AJ Amyx – Former Professional Musician To Twitter Expert

AJ Amyx is an expert with Twitter and using it strategically to grow his online business very quickly.   He is also a huge proponent of personal development and uses it as a foundation to success as small business entrepreneur.   As a former professional musician, AJ knows how energy can transform into your audience.   Check him out on YouTube and feel the energy.  Use that to fire start your next big plan in life.
In this episode:

AJ’s background as a professional musician
Do people really care on what you are doing?
What most people really can respect
Similarities between music and online business
True of false?  You can get six pack abs by dipping a brat beer for breakfast and repeating??
How people really want to connect with you
What is edutainment?
The power of practicing your craft
How more is not better
Defining happiness and success

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