Amy Schmittauer – Making Marketing On YouTube Sexy

Amy Schmittauer or better known as “Schmittastic” is a YouTube marketing personality and creator of Vlog Boss Studios.  You can find her out on YouTube 3 days a week giving valuable tips in her unique and fast paced videos.  She also has a podcast called The Marketing Lifestyle Show.   Don’t be surprised to see her vlogging from a Walgreens or a Starbucks!
In this episode:

The one piece of Amy’s business where she overcompensates
The meaning behind Savvy, Sexy and Social
Is social media one big magic place for leads?
The fine line between YouTube and reality TV stars
How to use social media to be a real person

Connect with Amy:
Savvy Sexy Social YouTube channel

Savvy Sexy Social Twitter

Savvy Sexy Social Website

The Marketing Lifestyle Show




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