Andy Zitzmann – It’s GAMETIME! Living Life While Being Conscience Beyond Money

Andy Zitzmann is on a mission to change 1 million lives and raise and donate portions of 1 million dollars to charitable organizations for youth by July of 2015.  Andy has been through so much in his life including overdosing on drugs at 23 to finding out what is truly important in life.  He now lives each day with true purpose and is making a positive ripple effect for so many others.

Don’t miss out on the great Seinfeld story at the very end!  I think we kept the record of mentioning Seinfeld in pretty much every episode thus far!

In this episode:

Playing the game of WHY
What living consciencely truly means
Breaking down the A’s – Aware, Accept and Accountability with Ambition, Action and Attitude
Andy’s morning ritual and how it helps him create the right mindset

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Connect with Andy:

Gametime Movement


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