Chelsea Logan – Former Elite Athlete And Performance Coach

Today’s guest helps not only high performance athletes but also entrepreneurs get past their limitations and reach their ultimate potential.
She is a former elite athlete herself and been featured in ESPN magazine, The Huffington Post, US News and World Report and the USA Today.
In this episode:

What Chelsea’s childhood looked like and how it played into her career coaching today
The feeling that goes with competitive sports
Being in the zone
Chelsea’s active childhood and how that turned into competitive sports
Joe Montana and Tom Brady and when to retire
Why tennis wasn’t working for Chelsea
How injuries forced change and entrepreneurship at an early age
Why high performing athletes usually end up as entrepreneurs
Where to start with the high performers when they are hitting a plateau in their mind
What 2 things Chelsea looks for when analyzing a client
Power of meditation
What a typical daily routine looks like for a high performing athlete
How to handle negative social media publicity
Trust and authenticity

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Chelsea on Dr. Oz

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