Chris Cerrone – Life Priorities And Turning Down A Six Figure Income To Start A Podcast

Chris Cerrone turned down a six figure income and stood by his strong belief that he could create a successful podcast.  He is doing just that while at the same time providing entertainment and valuable knowledge for new entrepreneurs.  Leading with authenticity, a strong Italian persona, ugly iTunes artwork and a love of analogies; The Chris Cerrone Show is quickly climbing the charts.
In this episode:

The tough part of developing trust and a strong bond with your children
Authenticity – how to find who is REAL and who is fake in our fast paced world
That late night conversation with his wife and deciding to pass on the huge job opportunity
What “show” are you watching in your game of life
Not worrying about everyone else and just doing YOUR thing
Self defeating thoughts and limiting beliefs and how to get past them

Links mentioned:
Derek Jeter respect commerical

King of Queens

Prison Break

Orange Is The New Black
Connect with Chris:

The Chris Cerrone Show



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