Christina Hernandez – Overcoming Depression And Lyme Disease

Christina Hernandez struggled at an early with health issues, specifically with lyme disease and depression.

She found relief with the crazy home workout called INSANITY and other Beachbody workouts and it changed the game for her.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal” – Paul Coelho
In this episode:

Internal vs external motivation and how to get more of it
“Secret to success”
Using the guidelines but going outside of that to make it work for you
Christina’s frustration with cellulite
How the word “skinny” isn’t any better than being called fat
Embracing the struggle and using it to create a positive change in your life
De-bunking the myth that it is EASY for “you”
Facing addiction and how to deal with it
How to identify and get past excuses

Ultimate success recipe from Tony Robbins:

Know your outcome
Know your reasons why
Take massive action
Notice your results
Change your approach

Resources mentioned:

21 Day Fix

Turbo Fire

Tony Robbins

Tony Horton interview

Bo Eason

Shakeology meal replacement shake
Connect with Christina:
Instagram: @thechristinahernandez

Facebook: @Thechristinahernandez

Twitter: @the_christinah

Pinterest: @thechristinah

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