Danny Dover – Traveling The World And Living A Bucket List Lifestyle

Have you wanted to just get away from what’s considered “normal”, create a bucket list and travel the world?  That is exactly what Danny Dover decided to do and is living that very lifestyle.    He created a list of 150 bucket list items that he wanted to accomplish, set a date and then jumped right in.  He’s been all over the world, written a book and inspired others to create their own list.   Get ready to be inspired!
In this episode

Significance of May 25th, 2017
The tattoo that Danny has after he made his list
Where Danny is headed next and crossing off
How he is financially supporting his journey
The 3 tiered process of inspiring others and making a difference
Danny’s definition of success

Connect with Danny
Danny’s book – SEO Secrets

Danny’s website

TEDx Talk


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