David Ralph – Connecting The Dots In Our Life One Experience At A Time

My guest today is a literal machine with an accent made from heaven.  One where he can probably say any vulgar or negative remark and STILL get the red carpet treatment from those around him.

He is the creator of the very successful DAILY show JOINUPDOTS on how we can make sense out of some of our crazy experiences and decisions in life.  He is the only man I know that can do so many interviews in a row that he actually catches some type of a buzz.

Improv conversations vs structures questions – Greg’s guest appearance on Join Up Dots
The importance of being unique as a podcast host
How not knowing a lot about other podcasts was a huge benefit when starting Join Up Dots
The key to David’s efficient system he uses to crank out a daily show
The best way to share personal stories to engage your audience
Using tangents and entertainment when teaching courses to make boring topics more interesting
How to use mnemomics and emotion to improve your memory
David’s 5-6 years that led up to the launch of his podcast and the boss that helped triggered a change for him
Where the concept of Join Up Dots started and how Steve Jobs influenced and played a major part
Once you see the light, there is no going back
The importance of a strong finish and tie the story together
The morning ritual and the power of it for success
How has life changed with success for David

Exercise to try:

Leave yourself a voice message with advice you would want your younger self to know

3 questions to ask yourself to find your passion:

What do you love doing?  Write it down
Where do I love being?
What am I truly great at?

Resources mentioned:
IFTTT – automate tasks

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss
Connect with David
Join Up Dots podcast



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