Don’t Let Your Style Get Boring!

In the last several years I have embraced my own unique style more and more. It’s an evolving process and digs deeper into our personality and owing who we are and how we want to express ourselves. It sets the tone.

We’re going to focus strictly on a few fashion and style recommendations today. After a challenging 2020, I recently started adding a few updates to my wardrobe. This short list includes a necklace, watch, pants and even a ring. Some of these are me stretching my comfort zone a bit more and it feels great.

I’ll share more on that in the coming FTF newsletter but today I want to share a “Sunday Best” from my stylish and never aging brother-in-law Cedric.

Cedric shows an example of many different options that include unique sock colors, adding a watch, necklace, etc. The key is to experiment with a few different looks and carry yourself with confidence!

The best thing? He is like me and finds great deals by shopping places and sites like Amazon and discounts at outlet stores. There are some great brand names and quality at a better price.

Guys – put some of his ideas into action. Gals – help your man if he is falling behind and losing some sense of style or needs some suggestions.

This week’s quote:

““You don’t find a style. A style finds you.”

― Keith Richards

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