Highlights – Looking Back – Part 2 – Episodes 26-49 Of The Life Of Now

Episode 51 is here!  The 2nd part of looking back at the first 50 highlights.  This episode is snippets of 25-49.

Thanks again to Ronsley Vaz of Bond Appetit for the idea.

Episode 26 – Phil Wijs – Making Zen Cool After Hitting Rock Bottom

Episode 27 – Chris Cerrone – Life Priorities And Turning Down A Six Figure Income To Start A Podcast

Episode 28 – Kayla Jo Forsman – Creating An Online Business And Staying In Touch With Great Friends

Episode 29 – AJ Amyx – Former Professional Musician To Twitter Expert

Episode 30 – Benny Hsu – His AHA Moment, Creating A Blog And A Life By Design

Episode 31 – Scott Webber – Helping Dads Become Deeply Connected With Nature, Business And Food

Episode 32 – Amy Schmittauer – Making Marketing On YouTube Sexy

Episode 33 -Jackson Layton – 10 Year Old Aspiring Actor And Being YOU

Episode 34 – Simon Granner – Creating An Impact, Relationships And Online Business

Episode 35 – My Bucket List In Detail

Episode 36 – Thom Singer – Using Stories To Engage Your Audience As A Professional Public Speaker

Episode 37 – Andy Zitzmann – It’s GAMETIME! Living Life While Being Conscience Beyond Money

Episode 38 – The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – A Guy’s Perspective And The Parallels To Life

Episode 39 – How To Overcome Top 10 Most Common Fears With Scott Webber

Episode 40 – Gordie Bufton – Eluding Reality, Escaping From A Psych Ward And Overcoming Addiction

Episode 41 – Julie Latz – Creating A Strong WHY To Overcome Binge Eating

Episode 42 – Navid Moazzez – Become A Lifestyle Architect And Design Your Life

Episode 43 – Natalie Sisson – Creating Freedom Out Of Her Suitcase And Traveling the World

Episode 44 – Justin Hoover – Near Fatal Car Accident To Massive Weight Loss And Mindset Change

Episode 45 – Mark York – How to say YES to life!

Episode 46 – Jordan Harbinger – Helping Men Up Their Game With Authenticity

Episode 47 – Nick Jackson – Former Collegiate Athlete To Helping People Find Their Purpose

Episode 48 – Jennifer Wignall – Organic Spray On Tans, Balancing Life And Being Real

Episode 49 – Simulcast – Dealing With Divorce: How I Am Handling Life Transition


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