Jennifer Wignall – Organic Spray On Tans, Balancing Life And Being Real

Jennifer Wignall was in the medical professional for several years and was moving fast until she came upon a realization that it wasn’t the right fit for her.  She started her own company and not only developed her own line of tanning sprays but made them organic AND vegan.  How cool is that?  What we put on our skin makes a difference.  She is a very determined entrepreneur that has her business moving fast in the right direction.

In this episode:

Our in person initial meeting for the Beachbody Classic Competition
How Jennifer organizes her week as a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur
One thing that always pushes her to work 5 times harder
The importance of following your passion
What drove Jennifer to the decision to make her own product
How understanding ourselves can help in business tremendously
Having only yourself to blame for failure or success
The freedom you have from running your own business

Links mentioned:
21 Day Reset
Connect with Jennifer:
Organic Bronzing Station website



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