Jordan Harbinger – Helping Men Up Their Game With Authenticity

Jordan Harbinger got tired of exchanging hours as a lawyer and decided to create something.  That something turned out to be helping men gain confidence and how to utilize it to meet women and create better overall relationships.  He created The Art of Charm brand that includes a rock solid website and podcast with numerous tips and in depth training.  Tons of free info out there as well.
In this episode:

When Jordan’s switch REALLY went off and knew it was time to create his own business
How confidence is so much more than just having abs or a physical appearance
The one quality that is needed for guys to be ready for Jordan’s training
Can authenticity be taught?
How to know who to trust when selecting a training course
A “subractive” process vs an additive one to get people to like, trust and gain acceptance
The layer process to get to the core of the issues and teach new habits
How to speed up the learning process
The beauty of getting into the last 5%

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Connect with Jordan:
The Art Of Charm



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