Justin Hoover – Near Fatal Car Accident To Massive Weight Loss And Mindset Change

Justin Hoover was in a car wreck that should have ended his life.  He was told that he would never walk again without a cane or a walker.   He became a food addict, never moved and when all was said and done he weighed in at 470 lbs! Thanking a decision to dive into the P90X workout from Beachbody.
In this episode:

How Justin got so big and what happened to trigger change
Impressions, humor of course
Dealing with guilt of surviving the accident
How nutrition and workouts have helped turn things around for Justin
What is a honey bun cake?
How he got started with P90X
The vision looking into the future for Justin – Warrior Dash, Diamond Beachbody Coach

Links and resources:
P90X too hard?

Rhonda Layton – episode 1

Justin as a guest blogger at Bond-Appetit

Body Beast home workout program


Connect with Justin:

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