Kayla Jo Forsman – Creating An Online Business And Staying In Touch With Great Friends

Kayla Jo wanted a way to stay in touch with her great friends from college and always threw around an idea of starting a business.  One day when they were all together they decided to take action and implement their business ideas and start their own online clothing business.   They spent some time on the brand and design; each threw in a little cash and from there White Buffalo Boutique was officially launched.
In this episode:

What IS a white buffalo?
How each of the business owners have their own specialty and how they work together
How Kayla Jo’s childhood upbringing influenced her decision to jump into her own business
Kayla Jo’s tips for new business entrepreneurs when deciding if they should take a similar leap
What’s on her bucket list
Who is Kevin Bacon?
The power of social media and an online business

Links mentioned:
Pizza Rev – excellent pizza with gluten free options

Ronsley Vaz episode 17 and identifying your perfect customer
Connect with Kayla Jo:
White Buffalo website


Instagram (personal)



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