Kevin Le – Finding Purpose And Travel Discounts With The Travel Hacker

Kevin Le is my guest on episode #2.  Making travel a priority is what many desire but “The Travel Hacker” is DOING it in real life.  He debunks the myth that you need to be wealthy to travel the world.  Listen as Kevin Le shares his favorites places to visit and how to get there on a dime.
In this episode you will learn:

How Kevin got started travel hacking
The seasonal travel strategy
How to fully soak in the culture of Paris
Finding the silver lining from unexpected tragedy
The importance of having a relationships with your parents
That triggering moment where Kevin decided to quit his job
How to live a life of zen energy and to be less judgmental

Links mentioned
Anthony Bourdain
The Art of Non-Conformity – by Chris Guillebeau
George Bush’s book Decision Points
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
American University of Paris

Connect with Kevin

The Travel Hacking Podcast
Kevin Le’s Travel Hacking Facebook page

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