Kim Trumbo – Spreading Generosity And Paying It Forward

Kim Trumbo is a lady of many hats.  She is a host of 2 podcasts, photographer, YouTuber and overall very inspiring to help others make a difference in our world.
In this episode:

How watching Breaking Bad can be way to unplug some from always being “on”
Paying it forward can be addicting
Kim’s “aha moment” and how she created the Generosity Philosophy concept and podcast
How Kim figured out all the technical requirements and road blocks to launch her own podcast
Kim’s process of avoiding overwhelm
Finding a middle ground niche for the gay and lesbian community on her OK 2 Be LGBT podcast
Kim’s fear of being judged
Able to share 2 different sides of herself with 2 different platforms
Using video to pay it forward
Some geeking out on shooting video with a GoPro camera setup
Simple things you can do to make someone’s day just a little better

Resources shared:
Seth Godin’s – Tribes

Million Dollar Arm

Mobile Mixed with Greg Hickman
Connect With Kim:
Kim’s main website

Generosity Philosophy


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