Kimanzi Constable – Making A New Kind Of Dough By Writing, Speaking And A New Life In Hawaii

Kimanzi Constable went from delivering bread, working long hours, in deep financial debt and packing on the pounds to writing for major websites and speaking in front of large audiences all over the world.  He recently moved out to Hawaii from the bitter cold of Wisconsin to live out another one of his new dreams and visions for his family.
In this episode:

The decision to move to Hawaii from Wisconsin…duh
Packer fans in Hawaii?
How Kimanzi first got started in the bread business
Recognizing opportunity and evaluating risk for a new business
How he got out of massive debt and the stress that went with it
What his diet consisted of when he let his health go and added weight
The true breaking point where Kimanzi made a simple decision to not turn back
The huge failure of his first book and what he learned
Diving in and learning as much as he could to get ahead
How the death of his father affected him
The magic of guest posting
How Kimanzi got his first public speaking gig
2 tips to start making money as a public speaker
Experience preparing and running his first marathon
Losing 170+ pounds

Resources and links:
Author from Minnesota – Amanda Hocking

Are you living or existing? 9 Steps to change your life – book on Amazon
Tales of the Everyday Workingman (and Woman) [Kindle Edition]

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