Laci Urcioli – Finding Her Voice In The Bright Lights Of Entertaining Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city of lights, entertainment, gambling, and partying.  Laci Urcioli worked directly in the show-biz world for many years before recently giving in and becoming the co-host of the Cerrone Show podcast.   Also known as the “I hate podcasting” gal, but she just may be changing her tune these days.
In this episode:

The highs and lows of trips to Hawaii and Rome
The significance of #55?
How Laci relaxes and can separate business from family
How she manages running 4 businesses!
Mixing up the environment by getting out and meeting others as a key to success
Stereotypes of knitting podcasts
Why Laci was so averse to podcasts initially
Why the creative juices are not encouraged in the gaming industry
Why she was never confident about her business and marketing skills and forgot how to dream
The little pieces that shifted the game for her

You need to listen in around the 19:00 mark to get the video!

Links mentioned:
Next Level Society coaching group

Connect with Laci:
Co-host of Cerrone Show podcast





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