Lara Loest – From Struggle To Making Show Notes Easy As An Entrepreneur

Lara Loest works with hosts of some of iTunes’ highest rated podcast shows (Michael O’Neal, Chris Ducker, Grant Baldwin, Rick Mulready, Jordan Harbinger) by making their life easier with super professional show notes.  She is building a pretty cool lifestyle out in one of the nicest cities in the world, San Diego.  It wasn’t always that way for Lara.  She was struggling in life not very long ago and had to make some tough decisions.  By tackling fear and adversity, she is now beginning to see the rewards!
In this episode:

What’s life like in beautiful San Diego vs Wisconsin
The importance of our environment and how it relates to our frame of mind
The power of simplicity
Taking the desire for flexibility and telecommuting and turning into freelancing
Lara’s Eat, Pray, Love experience in Ireland
How traveling can be equivalent to a semester of college
Life before the podcasting world
Biggest fears tackled along the way
The concept of unlimited vacation

Resources mentioned:
Jordan Harbinger – Host, The Art of Charm

Chris Ducker Host, The New Business Podcast

Michael O’Neal Host, The Solopreneur Hour

Grant Baldwin Host, How’d You Get Into That?
Rick Mulready Host, Inside Social Media

Connect with Lara:
Show Notes Made Easy website

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