Lisa Cummings – The Real Q & A Behind The Career 100K Podcast

Lisa Cummings is the host of the Career Q&A podcast where she answers the most common questions for those out in the job market and looking to level up their careers.  Coming from a long career herself in Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Management, Lisa uses her vast knowledge and masters degree to help break down the frustrations that come along with career moves and making the tough decisions that go along with it.
In this episode:

The great city of Austin, TX
When it’s time to walk away from a job and not burn bridges
The surprising trend of the questions on her podcast
What does it mean to “follow your energy”?
Questions to ask yourself on your career and life journey
How taking action can help answer many questions
How to balance fitness and nutrition into a very hectic and stressful time in your life
The best time of the day to workout
The biggest fear for Lisa and how she deals with it
What to do when you have been out of the work force for a while

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Lisa Cummings on Twitter


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