MaryAnn Majcher – Going From Tragedy Of Losing Her Son To Taking Her Health Back

Trying to understand WHY tragedy happens can be very difficult.  MaryAnn Majcher knows how hard it can be and had to deal with finding out that her full term baby Camden didn’t have a heartbeat.  I can’t imagine the feelings you would need to endure to get through something like that.  In this episode, MaryAnn shares what she went through and how she dealt with the heartbreaking news and how she is using that to help others understand and deal with the very same thing in their lives.
In this episode you will learn:

The challenges of moving frequently with the military
The significance and deep meaning of 9 months
MaryAnn’s dessert that she can’t turn down
How she is planning on paying it forward to help others dealing with stillborn loss
The driving force to push her half marathon training
MaryAnn’s Bucket List item that she will accomplish in 2014
Asylum – The training program used

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