Mastering The Art Of The Dating World With YouTube Guru Max Kramer

At a very early age Max Kramer found a passion to study people and what made one person succeed and another fail.  He then narrowed that down to helping guys out in the dating world after doing tons of “field research”. He then started up his business called Tripp Advice and now today connects with millions online and in the Los Angeles community to teach guys how to build their confidence.
In this episode:

How failing with another YouTube channel created quick success with Tripp Advice
What made the biggest difference with video
The one thing that is the most important for guys out in the dating world
The key to narrowing your client focus to improve your overall support
The perfect trip that Tripp (LOL) is planning from his bucket list

Links mentioned:
INSANITY home workout program

James Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy

Toastmaster’s public speaking organization

Dudes Talking About Chicks podcast

Connect with Max:
Tripp Advice YouTube Channel

Max on Twitter


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