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Former law school student who realized it wasn’t his passion.  Now Navid Moazzez is the creator and host of the very popular Lifestyle Architects video and audio podcast and blog where he helps others achieve their ideal lifestyle.  His powerhouse list of guests include Pat Flynn, Chris Brogan, Laura Roeder, Hal Elrod, Natalie Sisson, Jordan Harbinger and many more.  He’s also a personal branding strategist, online marketer, entrepreneur and former soccer player.  He had to overcome the loss of his 22 year old brother and come make major shifts in his life to carve a new path of success.  He now calls himself a citizen of the world and loves to travel.
In this episode:

Navid’s definition of a perfect day
Importance of your “top 5”
Signs to look for when you are not following your passion
Steps to take to dive into pursuing your dreams on a limited budget
How importance leveraging your network can be
Importance of mentors and mindsets
One fear that Navid is going to tackle next
Using tragedy to fuel yourself forward

Links mentioned:
How To Win Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie

Gordie Bufton episode 40
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