Nida Kazmi – It’s OK To Be Vulnerable AND Be A Guy – The Next Level Man

Nida Kazmi is a coach and admits to be hooked on personal development.  Same here!  She helps men with life and business and to become all around better dads, husbands, business partners, friends and to become better overall.
In this episode:

Guy stereotypes
How Nida did a 180 in her life since connecting with Michael Bernoff and making big changes
The power of knowing your WHY and how it can give you huge results once known
How to guarantee success with any goal
Authenticity – the word for 2014!

Links mentioned:
You Leading You podcast with Sean Ackerman

Michael Bernoff

Crash Gladys on The Life Of Now

How To Lose Weight Permanently (video)

Diane Nyad

Leigh Anne Guveiyian ultrarunner episode
Connect with Nida:

The Exponential You


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