Phil Wijs – Making Zen Cool After Hitting Rock Bottom

Phil Wijs is the host of The Zenployee podcast.  He has quite the journey of exploration, depression and financial stress.  He found a way to get past it and control his stress level by turning to a zen lifestyle.  How is he doing it?
There is something to be said for embracing those very challenging times in our lives.  If we didn’t experience them, it would be much more difficult to appreciate what we have in life.
In this episode:

How everyone in Phil’s life treated his new changes
Why he kept the zen lifestyle to himself for a while
How everyone can change for the better when you change how you look at things
Batch processing your tasks into one day
Be on the alert for Phil and I teaming up on some bonus future episodes – more coming soon on this!

Links mentioned in this episode:
Zen and the Art of Happiness
John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast
You Need A Budget financial budgeting tool – YNAB
Tips to get ZENified:

Write it down – Find a notepad and a quiet spot to sit down.  Dump all of your thoughts on what you want to accomplish in the day and then prioritize them.
Organize your finances with a budget

Video Traffic Academy
Connect with Phil:
The Zenployee


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