Rappeling Down Skyscrapers With Life Coach Val Groth

Life coaching and rappelling down a skyscraper don’t always seem to mix.   For Valerie Groth, this is normal.  She is taking life by the horns and helping change the lives of many along the way.
In this episode:

Highlights of Chicago’s Greektown
How to balance having a few social drinks and overall health
Marathon training and setting goals
Crazy yoga crane/crow poses and pushing yourself with fitness
Valerie’s dream to always live in the “big city”
Growing up being safe to starting to live life and take risks
Toastmasters and why you should join a group
What really is LIFE coaching?
What’s on Valerie’s bucket list?

THRIVE – 8 week course
Connect with Valerie:
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Twitter:  @ValerieGroth

Instagram: @ValerieGroth

Website:  Inspiration With Val

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