Renae Christine – How To Make Money At Home By Wearing Wigs

Renae Christine didn’t let excuses of being a single mom of 3.  Instead she used  the struggle to her advantage to start multiple businesses and create a huge following of her “besties”.  Author, YouTuber, product reviews, being funny, informative how-to videos: she does it all!
In this episode:

How anger helped Ranae launch Rich Mom Business
365 days straight of video blogging
Her experience with her stationary business
Using SEO instead of paid advertising
Selling garbage, yes garbage as a business
How nervous she was when first starting to use video
The “stalker” no philosophy and how it get her on stage as a speaker

Resources mentioned:
Velvet Giggles coming soon!

Cerrone Show

Home Business Startup Bible
Connect with Renae:






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