Rey Brown – Making Smart Phones Easy And Taking Action

All the way from the Dallas, TX area, Rey Brown is a real action taker.  He is a co-host of The I Like Family podcast and now launching a new product to help make smart phones easy to understand.  He is also starting a new podcast on the same topic.
Discussed in this episode:

Being a detective to reverse engineer the success of others
One of the secrets of great nutrition and fitness
Meeting Tony Horton on a cruise
The motivating factors that drive Rey to take his ideas into action
“Live as if you don’t have any limits”
The art of networking and how Rey got to meet Jon Acuff and Tom Ziglar and reset his mind to get past limiting beliefs
The importance of stimulating your mind with books
The triggering event of hearing “who’s side are you on?”

Links mentioned:
Michael O’Neal’s Solopreneur Hour podcast at

Jon Acuff – Start

Tom Ziglar
Connect with Rey:

Rey on Twitter

Smart Phones Made Easy website


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