Shannon Kaiser – Playing With The World And Finding Her True Happiness

In this episode:

Pros and cons of having a “bulldog” personality and hitting rock bottom
Letting go of the approval of others and finding your approval within
That “moment” that forever changed Shannon’s life
How her life started to drastically change by following her heart
What is the meaning of happiness?
Get feedback from mentors and friends but follow your inner voice, passion and belief
Dating yourself first
3 essential questions to life’s purpose
How travel can change your whole philosophy and get you out of your comfort zone
How Shannon de-stresses
Importance of gratitude

Find Your Happy

The Daily Love – Mastin Kipp

30 minutes of Max 30 to get yourself into shape – Join me here

Adding More ING Your Life – Gabrielle Bernstein
Connect with Shannon:


Play With The World website
Oprah’s “Am I good enough” video

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”

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