Simon Granner – Creating An Impact, Relationships And Online Business

Simon Granner, host of 5 day a week video AND audio podcast called “The Simon Granner Show” joins me for this episode.  He is a complete action taker and full of passion.  His goal is to create a huge impact of positive change in the world.
In this episode:

When it’s OK not to be a crazy sports fan AND a guy
Simon’s background as a financial advisor and why he started his own podcast show
Connecting with people at events
Max push ups for 60 seconds – I’ve been challenged
The difference between a bucket list and a do anything list
The importance of recharging your mind

Links mentioned:
Get Me Fit

Michael O’Neal

Chris Cerrone

The E Myth Revisited

Think and Grow Rich

Adam Braun
Connect with Simon:
Simon’s Do Anything list

The Simon Granner Show




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