Simon Knapp – Launching A New Business In Between A 3,000 Mile Commute To And From Work

Simon Knapp found a problem with required high commissions when needing freelance work completed.  He failed with a few different business endeavors and it using those lessons with his newest business to create success.  Not only is he a pilot traveling all over the world, but he created to eliminate commissions and still get skilled help.

Simon lives in New York but his pilot career job is base out of London.  This means that he is required to be away from home for weeks at a time.
In this episode:

A little fun with accents
The real risk of having a “safe” career
Why being an expectant father is fueling the fire to be a successful entrepreneur
Why Simon refers to himself as a “professional failure”
The focus shift of chasing time vs money as our priorities change
Bungee jumping vs flying a plane
What a pilot really does when in the air
The power of just taking action
How safe flying actually is

Links mentioned:
Hudson Clearwater restaurant in New York City

Sololab – Michael O’Neal’s mastermind group
Get connect with Simon:

Cherished Ideas website

Cherished Ideas podcast.

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