Surrounding Myself With Awesomeness: 7 Online Collaborators Talk About Their Journey – PART 1

What happens when 7 podcasters from similar but very different backgrounds and 3 continents get together to discuss what they have learned along the way?  An engaging conversation about numerous topics of course!  I had the privilege to participate in this round table chat and enjoyed it immensely.  Grab a warm cup of coffee or your favorite drink and listen in.

We start off doing into deeper emotions of big events that pushed us to change and then move into technology and a few other items to lighten it up some.
Guest hosts in this episode:
Ronsley Vaz – Host of Bond Appetit and creator of Broadcast Your Message

Rey Brown – Host of Smart Phones Made Easy and creator of iPhone 6 Master Class

Sean Ackerman – Host of You Leading You – Episode 8

Scott Webber – Host of Not Bad For Dad – Episode 31

Nida Kazmi – Host of The Exponential You

Nathan Strong – Host of Stream Games Live TechGuyNate
In this episode:
Everyone chimes in with their opinions and experiences….

Facing Fears and how to handle them and use them for rapid growth
Finding the required belief system that is required to do your own thing
Finding the appropriate balance of time with family and building a business
Dealing with impostor syndrome
Fear of not taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented
How to handle the fear of limiting ourselves
Single most defining moments and relating that to life
Sean walks us the emotional experience of throwing out emotional attachments after disaster
Greg’s decision to be not average but the best he can be on October 5, 2009
Ronsley’s dinner event that triggered his self worth
How becoming a father changed the game for him for Nathan and Rey
Scott: Dealing with a distant relationship with his Dad
Being grateful for the technology that we have today
Gadgets and technology that we couldn’t go without today
Embracing technology vs fearing it

Resources in this episode:
Toastmasters – Public speaking group

Michael Bernoff – Mindset coach

Uber – Get your ride

Airbnb – rent a place for the night

3D printing

Breather app – rent a conference room

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