The Power Of Networking – Face Your Fear And CONNECT!

Does the sound of going to a networking event or getting online to connect with others make you want to puke?  Does it give you a knot in your stomach?  Building a network is so important for many aspects of your life.  It helps tremendously no matter what you are trying to accomplish.  If you hate it, you probably still the value in having one.
In this episode:
I break down meeting people online and in person at events

4 suggestions on what to do at events to interact:

1.) Just say HI!

2.) Ask lots of questions

3.) Be interestED vs interestING

4.) Be NORMAL and be YOU

Don’t be THAT guy that is all full of himself.
Put yourself on a same level as eveyone else, especially the “most successful” ones.
Go deeper than the weather conversations to speed up the ability to connect.  Find a common interest and engage in conversation.
If you embarrass yourself, own it and make it a good story.  The split pants story.

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