The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty – A Guy’s Perspective And The Parallels To Life

In this episode I bring back Phil Wijs from The Zenployee to help me kick off our personal development reviews.  We start with one of my favorite movies; The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.   It really resonates with my and I can relate to so many points throughout the movie.  Don’t hesitate, watch it today!  It’s well worth the time.
Pieces of the movie covered in this episode:

The decision to take to off to Greenland
The drunk helicopter pilot
The unbelievable cinematography
The closing scene cliffhanger (SPOILER alert)

Promises made:
I WILL have Ben Stiller on The Life Of Now Podcast

Claim your prize here if you can help bring him on for me 🙂
Links mentioned:
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


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