Jeff Stephens – How To Embrace Crazy Dad Life And Create New Opportunities

Jeff Stephens is known as the guy who builds online in the off hours, and teaches others that want more to do the same and burn the midnight oil.  He is a dad of 2 daughters, author and host of the CrazyDadLife Podcast.
In this episode:

What to expect with teenage daughters in the home
The importance of instilling confidence and leadership skills in your kids
Going for what you love in life
College degree or not?
Jeff’s journey from professional to entrepreneur/creative thinker
What book triggered a different mindset for Jeff
Signs to look for when seeking your passion
Time management tips for parents and balancing a career
Infamous “rock bottom” question
Catch 22 of low barrier to entry with online business world
Having a realistic time frame
Importance of engaging your kids into your goals and life vision
Why you should register the domain of your kid’s names
GenX advantages
Power of outsourcing

Resources mentioned:
Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Workweek

Dave Ward – Powerful Lawyer To Surfer Dude (episode 14)
Connect with Jeff:
Crazy Dad Life website


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