Natalie Sisson – Creating Freedom Out Of Her Suitcase And Traveling the World

Natalie Sisson knows how to travel and how to create freedom in her life.  She is the “Suitcase Entrepreneur” and lives with purpose and passion.   She teaches others how they also can design their own lives and create their ideal lifestyle.  She’s been to 68 countries in the world and taking a minor break and house sitting in New Zealand before taking off for more experiences.
In this episode:

How safe is international travel
How much STUFF do you need? Rule of thumb to follow
Going to the airport and picking a random destination
Analyzing vs throwing caution to the wind
The best parts of New Zealand described (coffee, cafes and the beautiful colors)
Exercising on the road
Creating memories in life
“until” vs “right now”

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Create your Freedom Lifestyle Business – The Freedom Plan

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